Zen Planner and Infusionsoft? 4 Things You Should Consider

Zen Planner and Infusionsoft Integration

Zen Planner and Infusionsoft Integration

If you’re already a Zen Planner and Infusionsoft customer, you’re likely pretty excited about the partnership of our two companies. If you’re not familiar with Infusionsoft, you should know that they are the leader in small business marketing. And now with Zen Planner integrated with Infusionsoft, both solutions are a heck of a lot more powerful. If you’re wondering if Infusionsoft is the right fit for you, consider the following:

1). Marketing Budget

How much do you set aside for marketing each month? What amount of new revenue do you need to justify your marketing costs? Hopefully you know the answers to both of these questions or employ someone who does. Infusionsoft offers a robust reporting engine that shows you which messages produce the best results. This means that tracking the return on your investment is easy. Infusionsoft does come with a monthly subscription cost, but offers tremendous bang for your buck when you look at the results it can produce. Knowing how Infusionsoft fits with your marketing budget is the first step.

2). Target Customer Segmentation

If you have a segmented customer base that you’d like to provide with personalized messaging, then you will benefit from Infusionsoft’s automation and reporting depth. Targeting your campaigns – based on age, interest, or anything else you’d like to track – will allow you to reach the right customer with the right information at the right time. This gives you the opportunity to convert more leads and retain more customers, and leads to increased revenue. Tracking the success of these campaigns gives you the data you need to make informed decisions when adjusting your marketing strategy.

3). Employable Consultants and Sample Campaigns

Do you need help setting up a solid marketing program? Infusionsoft has an entire marketplace filled with expert consultants who are willing to offer up their own campaign templates, along with coaching, to ensure that your marketing is successful. These consultants belong to a network of resources that Infusionsoft provides as part of its platform, and they make outsourcing your marketing a breeze for small businesses.

Infusionsoft consultants can help your business.

4). How Does the Integration with Zen Planner Help My Marketing?

For a full overview of why Zen Planner built this integration, check out our first blog post on the integration. Here are some of the main benefits of the integration:

  • Save Time – Spend more time on the things you love by reducing the need for manual intervention to keep customer records up to date. By automatically syncing customers from Zen Planner into Infusionsoft, we also eliminate the double entry work plaguing most businesses that are constantly updating customer profile information.
  • More Sales – Sending the right message at the right time means you are more likely to catch prospects in a buying mood. Timing and content is key when it comes to powerful marketing and Infusionsoft makes both incredibly easy. Zen Planner provides status information about your customers and the ways they interact with your business, which means customer segmentation marketing is simple and straightforward.
  • Increased Retention – For fitness business owners, maximizing retention is crucial for revenue growth. Zen Planner provides valuable information to Infusionsoft that makes it easy to track each customer’s participation in the various offerings that you provide. Knowing what interests your customers enables you to send them ongoing content throughout their fitness journey. This type of educational marketing keeps people excited about working with you so that you can always be selling!
  • Improved Analytics – Tracking the success of your marketing is important. Improving your effectiveness is far simpler when you have data and analytics to back up the moves you make.

What Does Infusionsoft Offer that Zen Planner Doesn’t?

Infusionsoft has significant strengths that go beyond the Zen Planner’s built-in email capability. Zen Planner is perfect for sending customer notifications, while Infusionsoft excels at some of the more advanced email marketing functions listed below:

  • Visual Workflows – Infusionsoft campaigns are created through a visual editor, which shows the different paths available to your marketing recipients. This campaign builder gives you an easy way to determine all of the ways a customers might interact with your business and its messaging.
  • Full Reporting and Analytics – Zen Planner provides basic information for each email you send though the software (opens, bounces, unsubscribes), while Infusionsoft allows you to spot trends and assign value to certain actions for entire campaigns.
  • Prospect Score Tracking – Scoring your leads automatically based on their attributes and actions means that you can focus on high-value targets first.

The integration between Zen Planner and Infusionsoft is built to streamline the process of marketing to your customers with relevant and useful information. It provides you with valuable, accurate data in real time so that you can make informed adjustments to your marketing approach. We encourage you to evaluate your current marketing strategy and see how Infusionsoft fits into your budget and goals.

If you aren’t ready for Infusionsoft yet, make sure you’re leveraging the full potential of Zen Planner’s standard email capability. Keep checking back to the Zen Planner blog to learn about ways you can fully leverage everything our software has to offer!

Want to learn more about Zen Planner’s integration with Infusionsoft? Sign up for a live demo with one of our business coaches to see it in action today!

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