Teaching New Members How to Use Zen Planner

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Seeing an influx of new members with the start of the year? Get them started on the right foot by ensuring they know how to properly use Zen Planner. We’ve put together key steps to help get them introduced to and using our software. Feel free to copy and paste the information below into your new member welcome packet or link to this post on your blog.

What is Zen Planner?

Zen Planner is the member management software we use at our business. Zen Planner allows you to reserve classes, log workouts, update payment information and pay bills, interact with other members and much more all in one spot.

How to Setup Your Account

If you already have a membership, ask a staff member to send your password. Your username will be your email address – so be sure to check your email for login information. If you wish to change which email you’d like to use, simply ask a staff member to edit it.

If you are new to the gym and don’t yet have a membership, you can get a login by purchasing a membership. Depending on your gym’s setup, you can purchase one online, within Kiosk Mode on the Staff App or through a staff member. Your password will be emailed to the address you provide unless you created your own password upon setup.

Important note: you must get the login information from your gym owner or manager. You cannot login through Zen Planner’s website. Signing up for a demo or free trial will not give you access to your account.

Where to Login

Online: Your gym might have a Zen Planner portal log in embedded on their website and/or Facebook business page. Ask a staff member at your gym for the URL to login to the portal. Note: be sure to login through the portal on your gym’s site, you cannot login on Zen Planner’s main website (zenplanner.com will not work). Once logged in, you can view and sign documents, pay bills, edit your profile, log workout scores and manage reservations.

Download the Member App: The easiest way to manage your Zen Planner account is through our Member App. You can download the App for free on your iOS or Android phone. Simply login to begin using it (you will only need to login your first time). Once you’re logged in, here’s everything you can do within the App:

Manage Your Account

Click the “Z” inn the top left corner to setup your profile. Here’s what you’ll need to add:

  • Click on the avatar to add your best selfie
  • Click “Edit” in the top right corner to add your contact information
  • Add your billing information and make your first membership payment
  • Check your alerts to sign important waivers and contracts before you attend your first class

zen planner staff app member photos

Manage Your Reservations

Many classes have size limits, so be sure to reserve your spot in class early in the day. Within the Member App, click on the calendar icon in the top right. You can reserve your spot or add yourself to a waitlist (if the class is full) by clicking the star next to the time you wish to attend. If you no longer can attend a class, simply click “Cancel Reservation”.

Member App Calender

To see how many members are reserved for the class and class limits, touch the class itself. Depending on the settings, you might be also able to see which of your friends are coming to the class!

Member App Class Detail Page

View Workouts and Post Scores

To see a workout or post scores, click on the “Z” on the top left and select “Workouts”
Swipe back and forth to view other days’ workouts. If it says “There are no workouts to display” that simply means that either the workout hasn’t been posted for the public or it hasn’t yet been created.

Member App WOT

To log your score for a specific day’s workout, either find the day in the workout calendar and click “+ Log Results” or touch “Library” towards the top of the screen to search for a specific item to log. To log a score for a workout that wasn’t programmed today, click “Add Custom Result” in that day’s workout or enter it through the library.

Social Member App

To view the leaderboard, click “Leaderboard.” Depending on your gym’s settings, you can also comment and like other members’ scores (if they make them public when they log them), so be sure to cheer your fellow members on and congratulate them after great workouts!

member app leaderboard

There it is! If you have any questions on navigating your profile, please contact a staff member at your gym or a Zen Planner representative at help@zenplanner.com or at 866-541-3570.

Looking for additional resources to help you get the most out of Zen Planner? Interested in learning more about marketing and retention strategies that can help grow your business? Check out of our in-depth Resource library!


emily jorgenson zen planner onboarding coach

Emily Jorgenson, Customer Engagement Manager

Zen Planner

Emily is a native Coloradan and enjoys playing outside whether it is snowboarding, hiking or relaxing with friends and her dog, Chewbacca. She earned her L1 CrossFit® Trainer Certificate and completed her USAW Certification and has the privilege to coach at 2 CrossFit® gyms. Emily serves as the Customer Engagement Manager.

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  1. Steve Blindt says:

    How do I get my photo to look like the one on this page? My posted pic is basically square and the corners of the pic don’t touch the circle. But I would be nice to be able to make it display larger and possibly fill the circle like the ones on this page do.

  2. Tiffany Houkom says:

    Hi Steve, when selecting a photo on your device (phone or tablet), you should have the ability to zoom in or out on the photo to adjust the proportions. This should help ensure the photo is circular and you’re not seeing the square edges. If you’re still having issues, please reach out to our Customer Advocate team at help@zenplanner.com and they can help you out with this.

  3. Melissa Ayres says:

    I have my profile info there; but am not able to input my billing information.

  4. Melissa Ayres says:

    I am a new member of Hybrid Strength and Conditioning in Fredericksburg VA. My email address was previously on the unsubscribe list and I was able to take care of that. I am attempting to input my billing info for Hybrid but the links are not there on the app.

  5. Tiffany Houkom says:

    Hi Melissa, we’re sorry you’re running into this issue. Please send your questions to help@zenplanner.com. Our Customer Advocate team will help get this issue resolved. Thanks!

  6. Kyle says:

    I’m trying to delete an account. When I select remove account it just takes me back to the screen where i login my info

  7. Erik says:

    how do i manually make a payment? i’ve done it before; but every month i have to hunt it down…and, right now, i am not finding it



  8. Tiffany Houkom says:

    Hi Kyle, I’m sorry you’re experiencing this issue! The best way to get this issue resolved is by reaching out to our Customer Advocate team. They can be reached by email at help@zenplanner.com or by phone at 866-541-3570.

  9. Tiffany Houkom says:

    Hi Erik! If you’re trying to pay a bill through the Member App, you’ll need to have a bill on your profile, as you can only pay past due bills here. To do this, click on the Z then click on your name/profile picture and click on Bills. If you have a past due bill, you can pay it from this screen. If it’s not past due yet, they can only view it. You can also pay bills (both current and past due) in Member Connect. The exact steps to take to pay a bill within Member Connect change based on the way your gym owner has setup their database. Our Customer Advocate team can give you exact steps on how to pay bills within your account. Please reach out to them at help@zenplanner.com or by phone at 866-541-3570.

  10. Greg Clark says:

    Is it possible to have husband and wife sharing the same EMail
    address, reserving separate classes with the Zen application?
    It seems each person needs a separate EMail to reserve individual

  11. Tiffany Houkom says:

    Hi Greg, unfortunately each membership profile needs to have a separate email address. The owner of your gym can however link both of your profiles together under a family setup. Please send them this help article if you would like your profiles to be linked together: https://help.zenplanner.com/hc/en-us/articles/204592364–VIDEO-Managing-Families-in-Zen-Planner. Have a great day!

  12. Jerry Connor says:

    How does a member reset their password (if forgotten?)

  13. I forgot my login /password. Have spent all day off and on waiting to get the reset code. My IT guy is ready to kill me as I keep having him check our spam filters as I have not gotten anything back. I can’t find a phone # to call you and when I called my box, they said to get in touch with you. I am getting off this hampster wheel and guess I won’t be using this “great” service.

  14. Tiffany Houkom says:

    Hi Jerry, here’s a help article on resetting passwords: https://help.zenplanner.com/hc/en-us/articles/203999490-Password-Reset-Login-Issues. If your member is still having issues, please have them reach out to our Customer Advocate team at 866-541-3570 or help@zenplanner.com. They’ll be able to help you figure this out. Thanks!

  15. Tiffany Houkom says:

    Hi Brian, we’re apologize for the issues you’re experiencing. Our Customer Advocate team can definitely help you out. They can be reached by phone at 866-541-3570 or email at help@zenplanner.com.

  16. Lori says:

    I’m trying to see if there is a way to show all of the workouts I have attended. I’ve entered all my reservations for the workouts into Zen Planner. Is there a way to show your history of when you’ve attended? Thanks!

  17. Tiffany Houkom says:

    Hi Lori, our Customer Success team can help you this request. Please reach out to them at help@zenplanner.com. Thanks!

  18. Wendy says:

    How do I change gender from male to female? When I post my results, they end up under the male leaderboard and should be under the female leaderboard.


  19. Tiffany Houkom says:

    Hi Wendy, if you send an email to help@zenplanner.com, our Customer Advocate team can help get this changed for you. Thanks!

  20. Wilma says:

    How do I add a birth date?

  21. Ruth says:


    I am trying to reset my password but I do not get a reset password email from Zen Planner. I have checked spam folders also. Can you help?


  22. Charles St. John says:

    Hi Ruth, you can send an email to help@zenplanner.com or call us weekdays 7am-7pm MST at 866-541-3570 to reach our customer advocacy team.

  23. Ashley Dia Zuaiter says:


    The Zen Planner app will not load and open today. I use it regularly with no problem but today it wont open. Please advise.

  24. Charles St. John says:

    Hi Ashley,

    Yes, we are aware and working on the long term fix, in the mean time some folks are having success with uninstalling the app and reinstalling. Then clearing local data and try again.
    How to clear your data:
    Settings -> App Manager -> (Find the app and Clear Data)

    Zen Planner

  25. Kiera says:

    How you you change the date direct debits come out?

  26. Charles St. John says:

    Hi Kiera,

    Our support team would be happy to help you. Please send them an email to help@zenplanner.com and they’ll be able to answer your specific questions.

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