Setting Up Your Martial Arts Summer Camp

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Run summer camps at your martial arts school for additional revenue

Run summer camps at your martial arts school for additional revenue

School’s out for the summer! While this may conjure thoughts of white sandy beaches, lounging by the pool, or chasing the ice cream truck down the street, many parents are trying to find a way to keep their children engaged and busy without school.

Did you know that 61% of martial arts customers are children? This means that hosting summer camps at your school is a no-brainer way to generate big revenue. In fact, many schools generate a significant portion of their yearly revenue in the summer months. Here are a few best practices to keep in mind as you host summer camps this year.

1. Think about what sets your brand apart

If you are a martial arts school competing with several others in your area for summer camp registrants, think about why parents should choose yours over others. Don’t make price the differentiator – studies show deep discounts will only devalue your services. Instead, offer a fun theme that will make the children eager to come. Offer skills that they won’t find elsewhere. Think outside the normal summer camp box to make yours stand out.

2. Use other businesses to help promote

Are there kid or parent-friendly businesses in your area that you can partner with to help promote your summer camps? Think about recreation centers, museums and other family friendly areas or newsletters.

Learn other ways to market your school in our 10-Step Marketing Guide for Martial Arts Schools.

3. Use testimonials and referralsStart a summer camp at your school.

If you’ve offered summer camps or spring break camps before, use stories and photos from past years to promote your upcoming event. Word of mouth will always be the most powerful marketing tool – incentivize members to bring a friend. This will not only bring in more members, but make your kids more excited to attend with their buds.

4. Treat your summer campers like members

How do you follow up with your regular members during the year to maintain engagement? The same rules should apply here. Follow up with your kids after each session and their parents regularly regarding their progress. You should also send out recap emails or handouts including the activities they participated in during the week.

5. Offer a flexible calendar

It goes without saying that families’ summer schedules are sprinkled with vacations, out of town visitors and other activities. The more flexible your schedule is, the easier it will be for parents to sign their children up. Instead of offering two summer sessions that are several weeks long, think about offering “a la carte” options, day camps, or “mini-camps” as an alternative for kids with packed summer schedules.

However you decide to structure your calendar, camps are a great way to supplement your summer income. If you need assistance setting up camps in your Zen Planner database, always feel free to reach out to our awesome support team!

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