Social media has the ability to connect us to both old and new friends and lets us stay up-to-date on the key things happening in their lives. Social media also provides a channel that enables us to learn new things and make informed decisions about where we will shop, travel and eat out.

Social media also has the ability to facilitate growth for fitness businesses. The key to social media-driven business growth for fitness business owners is to create a social media strategy in a disciplined and strategic way.

This recent article in Entrepreneur Magazine outlines the steps to take to help you grow your fitness business using social media. Check it out and share how you’re using social media in your studio, gym or CrossFit box. We’d love to hear what works for you.

Check out our latest eBook, Fitness Business Management Time Traps to Avoid. This guide will help you identify which tasks are taking up too much of your time, how to avoid these traps in the future and, most importantly, how creating efficiencies can help you better build relationships with your members.

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