How to Celebrate Halloween at Your Fitness Business



Fall is officially here.

The weather starting to cool down at Zen Planner’s headquarters in Colorado, which means one thing; Halloween (one of the best days of the year) is right around the corner. Whether you’re obsessed with Halloween (like me), or it’s just another day of the year to you, this holiday offers up fun opportunities for community building and member acquisition at your fitness business.

Halloween-Themed Workouts

Get creative with your programming this month by hosting a Halloween-themed workout (or HalloWOD, see what I did there?). Create your own zombie escape workout that features sprints, sledgehammer strikes and box jumps. You know, all the tasks you’d likely engage in when running for your life from zombies. If you don’t feel like coming up with an interesting story for your workout, keep it simple by incorporating pumpkins into workout, such as in the Smashing Pumpkins Partner WOD.

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For this spooky workout, encourage members to come dressed in workout-appropriate costumes. You could also make a night out of the workout by hosting a potluck afterward. Nothing helps community building more than having your members hang out after a tough workout dressed in fun costumes.


Halloween Costume Contest

If you offer fitness programs for children at your box, gym or school, consider hosting an open house Halloween costume party. The evening could start with a costume-friendly workout, or you could simply offer fun games and activities for the kids to participate in. Use this as an opportunity to get referrals by encouraging kids to bring a friend to the event. As for prizes, keep it simple and affordable by offerings free intro classes and certificates for the winners of different costume categories.

Hand Out Goodies to Trick-Or-Treaters

Is your gym, studio or school located in a neighborhood where trick-or-treaters will likely pass by? Make sure you’re there to hand out goodies! Since you’re focused on health and fitness, I’d recommend that you avoid the candy. Instead, get creative and hand out branded promotional giveaways or free passes for an intro class.

Do you have fun Halloween plans in store for your fitness business? Be sure to share them below. Zen Planner wishes everyone a fun, safe and healthy Halloween!

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