Be a Part of the Fitness Business Industry’s Most Comprehensive Benchmark Reports

Every year, Zen Planner releases our Annual Benchmark Reports offering the most detailed financial and operational data in the affiliate gym, martial arts, yoga, and boutique fitness industries. These reports help fitness business owners make strategic business decisions and answer questions such as:

  • Should I be discounting my memberships?
  • How much should I be paying my staff?
  • What does my profit and loss statement look like?
  • How often am I converting my prospects into paying members?
  • Am I spending too much on marketing or commissions?

In order to complete this year’s Benchmark Reports, we need YOUR help.

We are currently gathering data from real fitness business owners that will be analyzed and compiled into the next edition of Zen Planner’s Annual Benchmark Reports. To gather this data, we’ve created industry-specific surveys for affiliate gyms, martial arts schools, yoga studios, and boutique fitness studios . The surveys take around 15-20 minutes to complete and ask a series of financial and operational questions about your business. Questions in each survey include:

  • How long have you been in business and how many members do you have?
  • How much do you spend per month on personnel costs?
  • How many leads do you generate each month?
  • Do you discount memberships? If so, how much?

We recommend you have information about your student base, financials, marketing efforts and staff gathered before starting the survey.

WHY should you help us out and take the survey?
  • You will be entered into a drawing to win up to $1000 in Visa gift cards
  • The data will help you evaluate where the health of your business stands in comparison to others in your industry
  • It will give you insight into the financial and operational health of your business
  • The more people who take the survey, the more comprehensive the data analysis can be You will be given early access to the reports once they are complete
  • Your data will be a part of the fitness business industry’s most comprehensive benchmark reports

Other questions? Check out our FAQ. If you have any questions and the information in the survey, reach out to us at