New Year’s Offers That Will Not Compromise Revenue For Fitness Businesses

Read the best sales techniques for your fitness business

Read the best sales techniques for your fitness business

The New Year is quickly approaching, and with it, a community of “resolution-driven” individuals looking to change their fitness, health and lifestyles. For fitness business owners, this season presents exciting opportunities and some stressful challenges. With many businesses offering discounted rates, free classes, and a number of other financial incentives, it can be difficult to attract new clients, without sacrificing revenue.

Fortunately, there are offers which require little to no additional cost for the business and provide clients with valuable material.


As an incentive for signing up for a membership or program, business owners can offer additional online materials that can be downloaded by members, or emailed upon, or following signup. Online materials serve as a great resource, especially for new students who may have reservations or fears of starting a fitness program. Some of these online materials may include:

  • Program Guide – this could include an introduction to your gym, letter from the owner, information on staff, an overview of the program (what’s included in the specific membership – or all memberships offered), encouraging quotes or values that have helped staff on their fitness journey.
  • Workout Guide – this could include information on some of the common workouts/movements performed in classes at your facility, instruction on proper form/technique, videos demonstrating form/technique.
  • Nutrition Guide – this could include recipes, healthy eating tips, (day, week, month) meal plan.
  • Ebook – any content you have created, or staff have developed, that could be beneficial for clients.

Online Materials can be an additional offering, serving as an incentive for membership signups in the New Year, without costing your business.

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Workout plans can be a beneficial add-on during the holiday season. With holiday travel, it can be difficult for students to access a gym or find the right workouts to do on their own. Workout plans can serve as a guide and a source of encouragement. These plans can be written by staff and easily emailed, or downloaded by students, to reduce cost of printing materials.

Workout plans also provide an additional level of buy-in for clients. They provide insight into what workouts will look like in the gym and allow students to build confidence before entering the gym. After the holidays, they’ll be excited to get back and show off their skills.


Everyone seeks community. There is exciting opportunity for fitness owners to bring people into a unique community where they can both grow and thrive. In the New Year, try offering community focused classes or events. To promote community development, you can try offering the following:

  • Themed classes – choose a theme and invite students to dress-up
  • Music – Set a specific genre or decade of music and play through the entire class
  • Partner or team classes/events – offer workouts involving teams or partners. These will help challenge students to push themselves, while also offering peer encouragement and community development.

This New Year help students grow, without compromising the growth of your business.

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