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USA Seibukan Martial Arts Training Center is located in Columbus, Ohio and has been teaching Martial Arts to the community for the last thirty years. Owner, Rodger Pyle leads the team of instructors, teaching students of all ages and ability levels. The training center averages about two hundred students a month, and some of those students have been training with Rodger and his team for the last twenty years.


After several years of being in business, Owner Rodger Pyle started using a Martial Arts specific software to run his school. The software was incredibly complex and using it was confusing and time-consuming. Each task he needed to perform took far longer than Roger thought it should.

Rodger ended up spending too many hours a week behind his computer, which impacted his ability to teach his students. He began to question whether he should even use software since it took so long to do things such as review student information or run reports. The frustration Rodger was feeling behind the desk eventually became unbearable at about the same time he noticed that his membership numbers were significantly declining.

Rodger decided he needed to make a change and signed up for a free trial with Zen Planner. Roger immediately felt like Zen Planner was a better fit. Rodger found Zen Planner to be much more intuitive and user-friendly than the software he used previously. He also had no problems taking information from his previous software and moving it into Zen Planner. He says, “Zen Planner’s team helped me by importing my existing client data and advising me on a payment processor. I was up and running in one day.”

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Now that Rodger has been using Zen Planner for some time he even has a few favorite Zen Planner features. Roger notes, “I love Zen Planner’s pre-built email templates and the automations. With Zen Planner’s emails and automations, running my business is much easier and I save about 10 hours a week in administrative time.” He uses the email automations to reach out to new prospects, students who haven’t been to class in a while, students who have a credit card about to expire and students with birthdays or anniversaries. Since all these emails are sent out automatically, Roger has more time to spend teaching

Roger’s favorite part of using Zen Planner is the support he receives from the Customer Advocate team. He explains, “Not only does Zen Planner’s support team listen to my questions and concerns, but they also think ahead and suggest ways I can more fully utilize the software. All this just helps me save more time and grow my business.” Rodger says it’s clear the team is there to support him and be a continual resource.

Since USA Seibukan Martial Arts Training Center has moved over to Zen Planner, they’ve brought their membership numbers back up to their previous level. Rodger adds, “With the peace of mind I now have as a result of having Zen Planner and the added free time I now have, I’ve been inspired to implement new business strategies. I’ve even started a new blog.”


  • Saves 10 hours a week of administrative time
  • Automates emails to students and prospects
  • Supports Rodger in growing his business


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