If you’re like most fitness business owners, you have already set your 2015 goals. You probably have a pretty good idea as to what it will take to achieve your goals, and may have even taken action to get started. To maximize your results, take a cue from the most successful entrepreneurs and start by clearly defining – and tracking – your success metrics, establishing habits to support your goals, and rallying your customers around your goals.

Define and track your success metrics

Start by identifying how you will measure your success for each of your goals. Define your top three to five metrics – the key data points that you’ll be monitoring throughout the year. For example, if your goal is to add 300 new members this year, you’ll want to average 25 new members per month. If you want to add $12,000 in revenue, you’ll be averaging an additional $1,000 in customer payments each month.

Once you’ve identified how you will measure success, make it easy to track your results by customizing your Zen Planner dashboard (click the Customize button at the top of the dashboard). Adding numeric values to each of your dashboard metrics will allow you to easily monitor your progress towards each goal.

screen shot of zen planner dashboard

For example, if your goal is to add 25 new students each month, enable the “New Students (Last 30 Days)” measurement, and set the goals at 25 for green and 20 for yellow. The next time you open your dashboard, the metric will be green if you have added 25 new members, yellow if you’re close with 23 added. Repeat this for the metrics that support each of your 2015 goals.

Establish habits to support your goals

Success starts small – with those little habits that you do every day that build over time. Decide what those are for each of your goals, and then put a plan in place to build those behaviors into your regular routine. If you’re adding new members, dedicate time each week to personally call each prospect and get to know them and their personal goals. If your goal is to increase revenue, set aside time to develop new add-on programs or retail offering.

In addition to developing your own habits to support your goals, build those habits into Zen Planner as well. The right automations and templates (under Setup -> Communication -> Automations/Document Templates) will help reinforce those habits. It’s easier to follow up when you receive proactive notifications for new member registrations, member birthdays, gym anniversaries, or unpaid bills. You can also automatically notify your members of upcoming bills, expired credit cards and failed payments, so they can take care of them on their own.

document templates zen planner screenshot

Rally your customers around your success

To maximize success, engage your customers in your 2015 plans. If your goal is to add new customers, implement a loyalty program (such as rewarding your customers for each referral with a discount off their next bill) and provide cards and posters that they can share with their friends and family to help spread the word. If you’re looking to increase the number of bills paid on time, offer a discount to customers who use auto-pay.

Your customers are also your biggest supporters. Display your goals where they can see them, and show your progress throughout the year. Once you’ve hit each goal, include your members in a large celebration. Reward your customers for their part in your success – such as offering a prize to the customer who referred the 300th new member.

Having a plan for achieving your goals will maximize your success in the New Year.

Once you’ve implemented these three simple goals, start working on larger goals, such as reducing client churn. Get your copy of our free guide Member Retention Warning Signs for tips on how to spot and reduce churn.

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