Zen Planner’s Rapid Recovery Toolkit for Boutique Fitness Businesses

The services you provide are needed now more than ever, even if your physical location is temporarily closed. Powering health and wellness in your community is imperative in the face of this epidemic and your community is looking for you to lead them through this difficult time.

With the uncertainty right now, it is essential to adapt your business model to ensure you are still able to serve your community and keep your [virtual] doors open.

Below are some of the resources we have created to help boutique fitness businesses navigate COVID-19. For daily updates, please visit our Rapid Recovery Toolkit homepage.

Tips industry leaders shared during our webinar: 
  • Provide clear and frequent communication to your members: View our sample COVID-19 email templates
  • Decide how you will adapt your business if your physical location is closed:
    • Provide value to clients with a physical location closed: View our remote options
    • Preserve the community aspect of your facility (ie. hosting virtual Zoom classes)
    • Provide individual support and a personal touch to members (ie. having weekly check-in calls with each member)
  • Clearly define and communicate the value and benefits you will be continuing to provide your members and make sure that these are differentiated from the resources you are posting publicly: Member Communication in Zen Planner
  • Make sure to communicate that, while your physical location is closed, you are still open.

View the Rapid Recovery Toolkit for Daily Content Updates



Remote Options

Watch the COVID-19 planning webinar now.