Why It’s Important to Choose a Top-Notch Payment Processor

Payment processing for fitness businesses can be confusing. The industry is littered with run-of-the-mill, bare-bone processors that do not offer any features, security or support and will provide ambiguous or incorrect quotes to put your payments volume on their portfolio.

As a business owner, having your payments run smoothly and securely catalyzes your ability to operate the rest of your business effectively. Without your payments processing and depositing safely and on-time, your revenue won’t be available to allow you to invest in other pieces of your business.

PaySimple offers transparent rates, award-winning support and PCI-Compliant processing. As Zen Planner’s preferred processing provider, we have invested in making the integration with PaySimple seamless and the relationship strong over the years. All business owners can rest assured that PaySimple and Zen Planner will work together to ensure your payments get processed quickly and safely every time.

Check out the following frequently asked questions regarding PaySimple’s payment processing for fitness businesses:

What are the benefits of using PaySimple?

As our premier payment processing provider in the United States, PaySimple offers fast and easy processing of both credit cards and bank account (ACH) transactions. Their award-winning Customer Support team provides quick, top-notch service, especially for Zen Planner customers. Often times, our own Zen Planner Support team can contact PaySimple on your behalf to troubleshoot any issues; that way, you can get back to running your business.

Zen Planner also has a 9-year-long relationship with PaySimple, which has allowed us to constantly improve the functionality within Zen Planner:

  • Easy setup with no long-term contract or early termination fees
  • Live phone, email, and chat support from their in-house team
  • Set up recurring schedules to collect payments automatically
  • Full credit card refund capability built directly into the Zen Planner software
  • Credit card deposits in 2-3 business days
  • ACH deposits in 4-5 business days
  • PCI Compliant with data encryption
  • Tokenization of credit card data for additional financial security and to prevent hacking
What are batch fees and chargeback fees?

Batch fees are $0.29 (for both credit cards and ACH) with PaySimple and are charged on your monthly statement for each day there are transactions processed. Chargeback fees are incurred to cover chargeback-related costs if one of your members disputes a transaction with their bank. Businesses who have sound business practices, like recurring transactions and membership contracts with appropriate terms, decrease their likelihood of dealing with chargebacks.

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The fees seem a little bit high … why is that?

PaySimple’s processing rates are actually on par with standards across the payments industry. The fee also includes additional functionality via the API, including tokenization and full credit card refunds directly within the Zen Planner software.

Regarding ACH transaction fees (the fee you as the merchant pay per direct bank account transaction), PaySimple is one of the few companies that offers a flat ACH fee. This means that when you process a direct bank account transaction (ACH or EFT), you’ll pay $0.55 per transaction regardless of how large the actual transaction is.

Do these rates change when it is a swiped vs. manually entered transaction?

Yes, swiping credit cards are considered “card present” transactions and, therefore, incur a smaller processing rate. However, most transaction within a business management software are automated with a stored card on file. The rates for these transactions will fluctuate based on several factors, including:

  • Card Type (debit, business, government, rewards)
  • Payment Type
  • Provided Information (billing address, zip code match)
  • Business Type

For more information on your statement and how your card portfolio breaks down, feel free to contact PaySimple directly.

Does PaySimple have a terminal that they will give me or sell me to take payments?

In terms of being compatible with the Zen Planner software, there is not a PaySimple Point of Sale or terminal device available at this time.

With a reliable and security-focused payment processor like PaySimple and a best-in-class business management software like Zen Planner, your fitness business payments will operate more smoothly and run into fewer issues, especially with both support teams on your side.

For questions regarding the comprehensive Zen Planner Suite, you’re welcome to contact us: 

Email: help@zenplanner.com, available Monday through Friday, 7a-7p MST (plus weekend support)

Support Website: https://help.zenplanner.com

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