Read the best sales techniques for your fitness business

In this two part blog series, we’ll show you why it’s easy and profitable to use Zen Planner retail management for your business.

You’re completely invested in your member’s success, but are you overlooking a benefit that could further their fitness gains and increase your bottom line? Retail products, whether logo-wear or nutritional supplements, can boost your student’s fitness accomplishments and bring a substantial benefit to your membership or class-based revenue stream.

With an abundance of new health and wellness businesses opening every day, small fitness business owners must be attuned to any opportunity to increase revenue and better serve members.  Industry insiders point to the recent trend of branding within fitness market segments.  “Where you work out is an extension of your identity and your social circle,” says Charity Gonzales, founder of Chicago based Urban Fitness Clubs.  For your members, your logo-wear provides an opportunity to advertise for you and display pride in your business. Since an average markup for retail clothing is about 50%, or what the clothing industry calls “keystone,” fitness business can do well in selling logo wear to their members.

If taking the step to build out your retail inventory feels daunting to you, have no fear.  Zen Planner makes managing your retail easy and profitable. Using our software, you can manage your fitness retail items with various category settings related to the product.  For instance, by labeling your retail items with a product category, applicable taxes, available orders and product reorder levels, you can easily generate reports to track inventory levels and sales volume for each product.  Now doesn’t that sound simple?

For more detailed information, we invite you to use our help documents or contact our service team.

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