We received a ton of valuable feedback on the new Zen Planner user interface over the last month. While most of our customers are excited about the new solution, some of our customers wonder why we decided to make the changes we made. Yes, it’s true that it was good before. We want to highlight just a couple of ways that new user interface is even better.

1) Latest Rules of Navigation

If you have an eye for design, you recognize that the new user interface follows the latest design standards. We adopted a left-to-right navigation that makes it easier to understand what actions you have taken and what’s available across the application. With this type of navigation, you’ll always be able to trace your steps back to your starting point by looking for the highlighted sections you’ve chosen on the left-hand side of the screen.


2) Consistent and User-Friendly “Buttons”

In the old interface, the standard gray browser button and the “link” were used widely throughout the application. The new buttons are colored and formatted to let the user know the result of their last click. Buttons that create a new item or submit changes to an item are green. Buttons that provide more details on an item in the Content Area are yellow. Buttons that change/refresh what is shown in the Content Area are gray (all shown above).

These are just a couple of the big improvements in our new user interface. And we’ve only just begun! We will continue to listen and respond to the community’s feedback in order to build what you define as the most efficient, user-friendly, and beautiful application available.

If you’d like to be an active member of the product development conversation, email the product team at product@zenplanner.com. We’ll send you some questions from time to time and put you on our beta tester list.

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