Making People Better Martial Arts

Zen Planner stands in support of the people making people better, martial arts instructors! With that, we are launching a gratitude movement and want your help to spread the word.

At this year’s Martial Arts SuperShow, Zen Planner will be telling the story of people who make people better, martial arts instructors from around the world and across generations.

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To help us tell this story, we are looking for martial arts instructors like you to share your experiences.

Who had the greatest impact on your martial arts journey?

How have you carried over these learnings to your own students?

What is the most important lesson you can teach a martial arts student?

Film your replies to these questions and post it to your Instagram story. Make sure you tag @zenplanner so we can share your story with others and use the hashtag #PeopleMakingPeopleBetter when posting!

In the story, make sure you include:
1. Your school’s name
2. The name of the teacher or school who most influenced you
3. How these teachings have shaped how you teach or practice

Once you’ve posted this to your story and tagged us, we’ll share your video with our community. Feel free to spread the word of this gratitude movement with your entire community, on Instagram and beyond.

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