MA-Supershow-boothI’m blogging today from the Martial Arts SuperShow 2014 in sunny Las Vegas. The Zen Planner team and I are meeting and learning from some of the industry’s best and brightest. Today was the first full morning of the show and event participants were invited to attend an engaging MAIA Business Success Seminar. During this session, MAIA’s consultants took us through the key revenue sources for any Martial Arts school. They also provided some great martial arts business tips to make sure business owners are offering a full array of learning opportunities and resources for their students. We’ll share more of this information with you in the coming weeks, but here are some key takeaways of the seminar:[clearfix]

MA-supershow-posterEvents are critical to the success of a Martial Arts school.
Business owners need to be willing to fully engage with students in this capacity. Birthday parties, skill buildings workshops, beginner seminars and belt graduation parties are just a few of the ways that school owners can bring students and their families and friends together to share their passion for Martial Arts. This will in turn bring you engaged new students and more revenue.[clearfix]

ZP-at-MA-supershowRetail products are another opportunity for school owners to bring in more revenue and get students excited about Martial Arts.
All Martial Arts schools have classes that require some sort of gear or uniforms. So when a student has the opportunity to buy gear directly from their school, as opposed to a big box store, it’s a clear win for the business. Then, the students are going to have the logo gear and other Martial Arts specific items at their home, and it’s more likely that a family member will end up a student of your school.

In closing, the best quote of the day I overheard today is “Just like your students, your business needs support and assistance.”

With that, I couldn’t help but draw a parallel to our software and Zen Planner’s purpose, which is to elevate the success of our customer’s businesses.

If you’re heading to the MA SuperShow, make sure to stop by booth #313 and say hello!

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