A rising tide lifts all boats.  

The Rising Tide was this year’s theme for ProMAC (International Professional Martial Arts Conference), and hundreds of people were certainly “lifted” as a result of attending.  

After several years of planning, Revgear UniversityZen Planner and Kovar Systems finally joined forces to put on the martial arts event of the year. We are so excited to share that the bar has been raised, and there were nearly 400 attendees this year!  

World-renowned martial artists came together for one purpose.

By combining our efforts, we assembled a team of industry experts and legendary martial artists to work towards one common goal: Accelerating the growth of your martial arts school. 

The collective knowledge and experience at this event was staggering. Whether you were seeking in-depth business knowledge, new teaching methods or wanted to experience what it’s like to share the mat with a martial arts legend, you found what you were looking for.  

If you made it to Denver this year, thank you!

If you couldn’t join us, stay tuned for the 2020 event details 

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