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“I recommend Zen Planner to all the business owners I know. I wouldn’t be successful enough to expand my business to a second location without them.” – Bob Patrick, Owner Duluth Fit Body Boot Camp

“I wouldn’t have gotten where I am today without Zen Planner.” – Chris Marhefka, Owner Body by Boris

We love receiving feedback like this from our customers; in fact, we live for the moments when customers share how our solution helped them grow, spend more time doing what they love or better engage with their members.

Are you spreading the word about how Zen Planner has helped your fitness business? Make sure you’re getting rewarded by joining our Zenbassadors program!

What is the Zenbassador program?

We recently completely revamped our customer referral program, which is now called Zenbassadors. This program utilizes a tool called Ambassador to improve tracking and reward delivery, as well as create overall efficiencies for this program.

What is the reward for referring people?

One of the best compliments you can give is referring us to another business owner. As a way to say thanks, we want to reward you! If you refer someone and they become a customer, we will give you $100.

How do I become a Zenbassador?

This process is simple. First you’ll fill out this short form to sign up for the program. Immediately after you submit it, check your email (as well as your junk folder) for an email from our Marketing team. This email will contain a link to complete your registration process.

How do I start referring my friends?

Once you’ve setup your account, you’re ready to start recruiting friends. When referring a friend, simply copy your unique tracking URL from either of the boxes in red below and send it to your friend. This URL is unique to you, and is how Ambassador will determine when one of your referrals signs up.

GA goal

When you send the link to a friend, it will direct them to sign up for a demo of our software, and will attribute the sign up to you. If that individual signs up for and attends the demo, and then later becomes a customer, you will see your approved commission ($100) in the dashboard above. Easy as pie.

We process and payout all commissions at the end of each month. If you referred a friend who became a customer on October 3rd, you will receive your gift card via email on October 31st. If you know you referred a new customer, but don’t see an email, check your spam or junk folders before reaching out to our team.

Where should I share my link?

We recommend that you start by sending an email to specific friends and Tiff profile piccolleagues who you know are in need of a solution like Zen Planner. Let’s say you email the link to 10 friends and all 10 sign up for Zenbassador. Of those 10 people, six of them become Zen Planner customers. You would be rewarded with $600.

We will be creating simple messages that you can share on your social networks by clicking on the links in the red box below. These social links will share a prepopulated post on your profile promoting Zenbassadors and encouraging your friends to sign up using your unique URL. This feature will be available soon, so stay tuned!

If you have any questions about this program, don’t hesitate to email our Marketing team at

Thank you for your referrals! We are beyond appreciative of your business.

Ready to start getting rewarded for referring friends to Zen Planner? Sign up to become a Zenbassador today!