2018 Fitness Trends: Our Top 4 Predictions

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Have you opened up your Instagram feed lately? We’re guessing it’s filled with more fitspiration than you can absorb. (Hopefully there are plenty of puppies there, too.) Hashtags are flying around left and right, and everyone and their mother is sharing healthy recipes or their latest workouts. Fitness is happening everywhere and we’re happy to see it thrive.

We’ve taken a peek at what’s currently happening in the world of blood, sweat and gains. 2017 is coming to a close and it’s safe to say that the things that are trendy now will likely be huge next year. Here are our predictions for the top fitness trends of 2018:

1). Wearables, Intervals and Competitive Heart Rates

Does the name Orangetheory ring a bell? This interval-focused business is in the, well, business of getting your heart rate to a prime fat-burning zone. Heart monitors allow you to see your results and those of other people in class, allowing you to compete with the rest of class. Wearables aren’t anything new; in fact, we noted them as a trend back in 2016. Other businesses are incorporating things like MYZONE heart rate trackers, too. These businesses are thriving, and we only expect to see continue to flourish next year.

2). Parkour

No, this isn’t “hardcore parkour” like you’ve seen on The Office. This is real, and it probably doesn’t involve Michael, Dwight or Andy. Have you seen a parkour facility? They’re the adult playground you may have never known you wanted to join. Just go look at Adaptive Movement Parkour’s new facility. Yeah, it’s sweet. Training your body to push itself to its limits, getting from A to B in the outright coolest way possible, is what parkour is all about. It has experienced a surge in popularity in America (thanks to a similar popularity increase in shows like American Ninja Warrior).

parkour3). Spinning, Spinning and More Spinning

Spin is blowing up right now. If you know a twenty- or thirty-something who gets their kicks from cardio, they probably go to CYCLEBAR regularly. Or SoulCycle. Or Flywheel. (You get the point.) Indoor cycling is just that: riding a stationary bike indoors. It can also be so much more. We’ve seen some spinning locations that offer what can only be described as Miami night club vibes during classes – think darkness, colorful lights, and music loud enough to make the pain in your legs unnoticeable. You can try to get on a spin bike and ride away from the trend. It won’t get you anywhere, though; this movement is here to stay.

4). Climbing to Popularity

Once classified as an unconventional sport for thrill seekers, climbing has exploded in popularity over the past 10 years. The growth has been due in large part to the growth of indoor climbing gyms, which have increased to over 400 locations in the U.S. alone. These gyms aren’t just targeting at outdoorsy folks; urban climbers have been contributing factor to the growth. According to the Outdoor Industry Association, “The gym is no longer just for training during climbing’s off-season. For urban athletes, it’s not always so much about the adventure as it is about staying fit and healthy and creating a beautiful body aesthetic.”


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