Best Places to Work in 2015

best places to work 2015

best places to work 2015

Makes Zen Planner Great

There was a lot of excitement around the office last week, as our company received a pretty big award. For the third year in a row, Zen Planner made Outside Magazine’s list of the 100 Best Places to Work in 2015. We came in at number 15, alongside several other amazing businesses around the country (many of which were in our home state of Colorado). We were even more excited to learn that we were listed at number one in the Best Health and Wellness Jobs category of these awards.

While free lunches on Friday, an endless supply of healthy snacks and a rotating office keg are obviously great perks of working at Zen Planner, there’s a lot more to our company that truly makes it an amazing place to work. Here are a few of our favorite perks to working here.

The Active Community

Zen Planner is made of up a group of extremely active individuals. CrossFit coaches, professional MMA fighters and yoga instructors call Zen Planner home. Several new employees who have never tried CrossFit before have joined team members on their routine lunchtime WOD at Highlands Ranch CrossFit. Our in-house yoga instructors frequently host free classes in the lobby for employees. Our Sales Specialist, Chris Mierzwiak’s professional BJJ fight last week drew a huge crowd of Zen Planner supporters. Many members of our Development team completed their first couch to 5K program a couple weeks ago. We could go on and on about our extracurriculars, but to keep it simple we’ll just say our team is active, inclusive and best of all, adventurous.

Team WOD at Highlands Ranch CrossFitThe Passionate Community

In addition to being incredibly active, our team boasts a level of passion that’s hard to beat. These individuals are passionate about Zen Planner, our amazing customers and our community. Our team is driven and each individual truly cares about the impact they have on making our company, team and solution amazing. Passion is an attribute that’s hard to teach, and we’re fortunate that just about every member who walks through our door possesses a high level of it.

Making a Difference

The Zen Planner team volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House in Denver

There are two main components to this. Each and every person who works at Zen Planner is invested in our customer’s success. We are driven to help small business owners grow and succeed. Our goal is to make a difference in our customers’ lives by helping them take back time so they can spend more of it with their members and less of it on administrative tasks. Knowing that something you’ve helped build is the reason a small business owner can keep his/her doors open is a pretty darn powerful feeling.

Our team members are also passionate about making a difference in our community. The free lunch perk that was mentioned earlier? Our team voted to forego those lunches for the month of November so that money could be used to buy presents for less fortunate children in the Denver metro area this holiday season. From making breakfast on Saturday mornings at the Ronald McDonald house, to running 5k’s for the homeless, our team is driven to make a difference in the lives around us.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Our team members enjoy each other so much that they’re constantly doing fun activities outside of work. From our recreational soccer and dodge ball teams to trivia nights at a local brewery, our team knows how to have fun, and more importantly, knows have to have fun with each other.

Don’t Forget About the Dogs

Fun fact: Zen Planner might just have the largest population of dog lovers on the planet. Our team loves dogs, and they’ve become part of the Zen Planner family. Team members can sign up on the company’s dog calendar to bring their pooches in. Each dog that walks through the door is bombarded with treats, pets and smiles, and helps make Zen Planner that much better to work for.

Some of our favorite Zen Planner pups, Blue, Amelia and Pepper

Be sure to check out our awards from Outside Magazine to learn more about what makes Zen Planner an amazing company to work for. If you think you’d be a great fit at Zen Planner, please be sure to check out our Careers page. We’re looking for active, passionate individuals to join our growing team.
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