New Year’s Resolutions from the Zen Planner Team

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2016 goal wall

2016 goal wall

A new year means a fresh start, and you can count those of us here at Zen Planner among the thousands of people across the country setting New Year’s Resolutions. Here’s what we’re tackling in 2017.

Technical Product Manager Matt Emge: “My wife and I agreed to not have alcohol for the year unless we are sharing it with others. This is a big one for a whiskey-drinking introvert. It might be a more social year!”

Customer Advocate Nelle Zukowski: “I’m doing 12. I will run 12 miles a month minimum, read 11 new books, try 10 new types of exercise, do nine different challenges or cleanses, get eight hours of sleep a night, sign in to social media fewer than seven times a week, try six new scary things, meditate five days a week, exercise a minimum of four days a week, practice inversions three days a week, learn two new ASL terms a week and visit one new country this year!”

Onboarding Coach Lexie Dorn: “I want to travel once a month.”

Customer Advocate Sandy Hung: “I want to learn to see Magic Eye.”

Inbound Sales Manager Hannah Newberry: “I want to run five half marathons in five new places.”

Account Manager Lauren Holland: “I’m going to take a dance class once a week – Latin, hip hop, everything.”

Customer Engagement Manager Emily Jorgenson: “I’m getting scuba certified.”

Director of Finance Nicole Kennedy: “I am going to re-learn Spanish. Side note, if anyone has any good resources besides Duolingo, send them my way.”

Executive Assistant Erin Stone: “I want to give back more this year and be active in my community. I’m becoming a tutor for Girls Inc. for a semester. I plan to get back into my pre-wedding shape and explore diets that foster a healthy lifestyle (not just short term loss). And finally, go on my honeymoon!”

Customer Advocate Christian Kogler: “I’d like to meet a woman/dog combo that (my Golden Retriever) Goose and I can simultaneously fall in love with.”

Copywriter Jim Thayer: “My 2017 Resolution: get a haircut.”

Like Nelle, I’m tackling a 12-part challenge this year, though it’s book-based: I plan to read:

  1. A book I’ve owned forever but have never read
  2. A book recommended by a local librarian
  3. A book by a Colorado author or one set in Colorado
  4. A best-seller from a genre I don’t normally read
  5. A memoir
  6. A book I should have read in school
  7. A book by a person of color
  8. A favorite book from childhood
  9. A book that has won a major award
  10. A book with a blue cover
  11. A book that is being made into a movie
  12. A book by an author who is slated to visit Denver in 2017

Feel free to join us in our quests to make ourselves better, more active people this year! What resolutions have you set for 2017?

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