“It was the ease-of-use and strong endorsement from other Brickhouse owners that made me decide to go with Zen Planner.”

Rosa Seward
Franchise Owner of Cardio Brickhouse Club, Stafford, VA

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Brickhouse Cardio Club located in Stafford, Virginia is a fitness studio that combines dance with aerobics in a fun, fast-paced, and energetic way that not only burns calories, but also allows its members to shed stress, have fun and enjoy the company of other dance fitness enthusiasts. Rosa Seward, owner of the Brickhouse Cardio Club franchise in Stafford, started out as a Zumba instructor at night and worked a full-time job during the day. Her passion for fitness led her to attend the annual Zumba conference in Los Angeles in early 2013. Right after the conference, she decided to give up her full-time job and open her own dance studio. In October 2013, she opened her Brickhouse Cardio Club studio and has grown its membership base significantly ever since.


Before Rosa opened the doors of her new studio, she knew she would need to learn from other Cardio Brickhouse Club owners on what worked well for business and what didn’t. She set up conference calls to interview other franchise owners including the Cardio Brickhouse Club corporate office to identify what she would need to run a successful studio. Immediately she realized that one of the most important things she could do for her business was to install a gym management software system to help organize the member data, class schedules, billing, prospects and sales reports. “I can’t imagine entering all of this data on my own and also run other parts of the business,” said Seward. “I visited other Brickhouse Clubs to understand what I needed to achieve success. They told me about the challenges they had with MindBody™ in the past and they recommended I go with Zen Planner because of their user-friendly, all-in-one system.”


Brickhouse Cardio implemented the Zen Planner software and completed training prior to the grand opening. With Zen Planner in place, Brickhouse Cardio sends automated alerts to members, records attendance records, organizes class schedules, keeps track of fitness results, builds P&L statements, taxable income reports and more.

“I don’t have to reformat any of my reports for the corporate office because Zen Planner does it all for me,” said Seward. “Expiring credit card reports, P&L and taxable income reports takes one button to push and it’s done.” Since October, Seward estimates that Zen Planner has saved her business approximately $30,000 in overhead and has helped add new members to the studio each month.


  • Provide all-in-one software platform
  • Saves studio $30,000 in overhead
  • Easy installation and training of staff
  • Easily formats reports for corporate office
  • Affordable and user-friendly
  • Provides quick self-service for Brickhouse Cardio members


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