Automations to help you run your school

When it comes to automations, there are countless ways to set them up to save time and grow your school. From billing and collecting payments to wishing your students a happy birthday, automations help you run your business so you have more time with your students.

But automations can do more than just save you time. Some automations help you build valuable relationships with your students so you can keep them engaged and coming back.

New Student Communication

When a student signs an agreement, your relationship with them is just getting started. Industry experts, like our friends at Kovar Systems, recommend building the relationship with good and frequent communication for the first 100 days.

To make the process easy, you can preset a string of welcome emails to go out after a contract is signed. Since these emails will be personally written and sent by you, new students will feel cared about and come to trust your concern for their wellbeing and progress.

Start your automated emails with a basic welcome to our community email on the first day. From there, you can send an email weekly throughout the 100-day period. Share your values, introduce your team and give your students training tips and information on special community events. Include an open invitation for students to talk with you if they have questions or concerns.

Established Student Communication

But as you know, the need for communication doesn’t end after the first 100 days. It just changes. Preset automations for quarterly check-ins to make sure your students are getting what they need now that they are no longer new. With a quick quarterly meeting, you’ll have the opportunity to give and get feedback to strengthen your relationships.

To make this process easy, preset the same kind of personally written email inviting students or their parents to a meeting. You can also automate a reminder (that pops up when the student checks in) for you to schedule the meeting. This way, no one falls through the cracks.

Belt Tracking and PromotionsMartial Arts Belt Tracking

When a student feels like they’re not making any progress, they start to lose interest. But a strong relationship with your students ensures they know you’re tracking their progress and setting them up for tests on time.

Once again, automations help. By using attendance as an indicator that a student might be ready to test, no one falls through the cracks. To make the system foolproof, set an automated reminder to pop-up when a student hits the attendance criteria for a new test.

If you know the student isn’t ready when you get the reminder, you can reset the automation. Then meet with your student to see if they’re having trouble or need a little extra coaching. Often students will decide to buy privates to work on skills and catch up to where they need to be to test.

Automations won’t take the personal touch out of your business. Instead, they actually help you get more personal with your students by providing reminders for important conversations and emails written and signed by you. By never dropping the ball with communication, you’re able to build and nurture valuable relationships with your students and their parents.

If you’re researching martial arts management software providers, make sure they offer simple-to-use automations. Get your copy of our checklist, 9 Things Your Martial Arts Software Must Have to ensure you end up with the features your school needs most.

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