About Matt Share

Director of Product Management Matt was a fitness business owner and Zen Planner customer before joining as one of the company’s first customer advocates in 2013. After building out Zen Planner’s customer implementation team, Matt became Zen Planner’s first Product Manager in 2015. He now leads Zen Planner’s product team. Matt lives with his wife, Terra, and dog, Carl, in Denver, CO.

Four Prospecting Tools You Need to Grow Your Box

These days it seems like everyone is pitching the perfect solution to help you grow your affiliate gym. While there will always be new strategies and tactics to try out, the most efficient member acquisition strategies start with the prospecting tools in your box management solution.

By Matt Share | February 6, 2019

Goodbye Kiosk iPad App, Hello Kiosk Mode

It has almost been a year since we first shared our product vision to consolidate and simplify our software into convenient, innovative mobile apps and eliminate outdated member-facing interfaces.

By Matt Share | October 20, 2017

Another App? Zen Planner’s Product Vision

2016 was a lot of work, and we’re proud to have laid down the foundation for the future of our technology platform and user experience. The next phase, and much of our focus for 2017, will be to begin to resolve our existing products with these apps.

By Matt Share | December 14, 2016

Improve Your Business Through Member Reservations & Check-Ins

Last week we talked about how actively tracking attendance can enable fitness business owners to improve their schedule. But attendance data can help business owners do much more than just that. With close monitoring, it can also help increase member engagement and retention and improve your business overall.

By Matt Share | November 2, 2016