About Liz Thompson

Onboarding Coach From backyard BBQ's and daily workouts to baking up some tasty treats for her sweet family, Liz loves doing anything involving movement. From a professional stand point, she has always loved the fitness industry whether it was teaching PE, personal training or now, working at Zen Planner with other like-minded colleagues. Being active and motivated is the name of the game for Liz.

Making the Switch to Zen Planner: Q&A with MBS Fitness Studio

At Zen Planner, the goal of the Onboarding Team is to make you feel comfortable with the basics of your database so you can get it up and running as quickly as possible. We like to hear details about your business so we can focus on the functionality within Zen Planner that is most important to you.

By Liz Thompson | April 27, 2018