About Cody Sunkel

Manager of Outbound Sales Outside of his sales role at Zen Planner and his own training in bouldering, gymnastics strength, weightlifting and mobility development, Cody teaches on Carl Paoli’s Freestyle Connection seminar team. He was also the personal gymnastics coach for a handful of CrossFit® Games athletes for the 2013 and 2014 Games, and helped Diablo CrossFit bring three teams to regionals. In the future, Cody looks to push the movement culture to the mainstream.

Investing in Coach Development Part 1

With all of the expenses gyms already incur, investing in continued education for your coaches may seem like a luxury rather than a business necessity. It’s easy to focus your attention on expenses like marketing, purchasing equipment, hosting events, offering more classes and other factors that clearly contribute to the bottom line of your gym.

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Hosting Seminars at Your Gym: Part 1

Every functional fitness gym owner has, at some point, thought about whether or not to host a specialty seminar. It’s pretty cool to have a high profile coach come to your facility and work with your athletes, but do the pros outweigh the cons in actually executing the seminar?

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