October is Health Literacy Month, a time for organizations and individuals to promote the importance of understandable health information. Health Literacy Month is about taking action and finding ways to improve health communication. Since its founding in 1999, many organizations have hosted a wide range of educational events and programs to advance this mission.

This month, your community is extra engaged thanks to The Open. Leverage this time to not only help your athletes improve their physical fitness, but to help improve your community’s overall understanding of their health. By considering these three tips, you can help your community become healthier and even align more closely with the new vision at HQ.

Educational Events

A great way to promote health literacy at your affiliate gym is to host an educational event, like a local seminar from a guest expert. Not only does this help broaden your impact, but it helps your business connect with like-minded professionals in other disciplines. Furthermore, these events can be open to the public and non-members, acting as a lead generation method too.

Incentive Programs

What community loves competition more than CrossFit? To promote overall health literacy among your athletes, it may help to launch an incentive program. That is, a well-rounded challenge with a prize for the winner. A great way to potentially tie in your athletes’ overall health with their fitness pursuit is to create a “scavenger hunt” of health and wellness tasks. For example, create a list of things for your athletes to complete in a certain time period, and make sure those tasks include: WODs, doctor appointments, blood lipid tests, nutrition tracking, sleep tracking and anything else that encourages a wider understanding of their health.

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Intentional Communication

Hopefully you already have a system for ongoing communication with your athletes and prospects, from email automations and blog posts to social media. One way to promote health literacy from a virtual angle is to focus some of your content on this educational topic. Content allows your affiliate gym to once again cross-promote by partnering with other experts in health and wellness disciplines through guest blogs or even video interviews. The possibilities are endless, so make sure you have an intentional plan in place.

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