In House Tournaments

If competition is an aspect of your martial arts program, you likely field questions about tournaments on a regular basis. Many beginners are curious about their competition readiness or if they should compete at all. There is a barrier, especially for beginners, between training at your school and competing against someone from another school. The uncertainty can be uncomfortable, to say the least, and many beginners choose not to register for tournaments.

You may be able to alleviate these pain points and improve everyone’s experience by hosting an in-house tournament at your school.

Reason #1: In-house tournaments are less intimidating.

Most martial arts tournaments are hosted in large gyms filled with the sound of coaches and spectators cheering. This atmosphere can be loud and for some, overwhelming. Beginners and youth students especially benefit from competition, but they don’t maximize their opportunity if they can’t focus on their instructors.

Beyond the overall environment, competing for the first time can be downright scary. This is where in-house tournaments shine. Often times, your students will be competing against other students they’re familiar with. Furthermore, they will be competing in a familiar and safe setting. There are undoubtedly students at every school who could benefit from competition but are on the fence about registering for a tournament. An in-house tournament could be just the solution these students have been waiting for.

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Reason #2: In-house tournaments are more affordable (for everyone).

The beauty of hosting an in-house tournament is the planner doesn’t have to pay for the space rental, additional event insurance or other expenses associated with traditional athletic events. Outside of tournaments hosted by associations, many tournaments are hosted or co-hosted by the martial arts schools themselves. The simple reality of fewer event management expenses should bring down the cost for your students. Perhaps you will need to pay your staff for coaching and officiating, but the expenses are minimal beyond that and awards.

Reason #3: In-house tournaments build camaraderie among students.   

Hopefully, there is already a social component at your martial arts school – it undoubtedly helps with student retention. An in-house tournament is a unique opportunity for your students to compete against each other and cheer for each other. It’s a highly concentrated, competitive environment for learning. Your students train together, and an in-house tournament gives them the chance to learn together at a deeper level.

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